What we do

Developing Games

We develop casual and education games for Android, PC, Browser and Tizen.

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Share Tutorial

We also share game developing tutorial with Construct 2.

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Review Games

We also review many developed games from Indonesia.

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  • Easy to undestand

    We provide an explanation in each command so you can understand every applied commands.
  • Minimalized Event Usage

     We apply a very minimized number of commands.
  • Neatness of Design

    We make sure the designs are arranged very neatly.
  • Multiple Platform Support

    Game results that we have designed can be used for Android, Tizen, Browser, and PC.
  • Neatness of Command

     We prioritize neatness on every command we apply, so it is comfortable to see.
  • Full Support

     We can always accept suggestions and requests provided by clients. 

Daniel William

CEO & Programmer

Fikri Ramadhan

Co-founder & Programmer

Abdul Romadon

Game Artist


Why choose our company?

  • Experienced using Construct 2 over 4 years.
  • Provide services at low cost.
  • Timely in performing the task.
  • Accept requests for game repairs that already made.
  • Honesty in performing the task.
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